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We offer a range of services to suit every client's needs, from product buying to quality control, design development to price negotiations


  • Identifying appropriate factories to meet clients’ product needs

  • Assessing factories in terms of quality, capabilities, pricing, capacity and reliability

  • Building and nurturing long term relationships between our clients and the factories

  • Planning and coordinating trips to India, factory visits, transport, accommodation and tailored itineraries

  • Facilitating meetings and documenting all discussed with detailed notes and photographs


This is a collaborative in-house process between Designers, Client Managers and the Quality Control team.

We develop our understanding of market trends and the client’s direction, then research competitors’ products.

By applying our extensive technical experience of manufacturing processes to all product development, we work closely with factories, technologists and consultants on new production techniques, materials and finishes.


We oversee order management from PO receipt to delivery.

  • Constantly assessing inherent infrastructure, logistics and production challenges

  • Monitoring the critical path with key tracking information, shipping status updates and continuous management of on-time deliveries and delay

  • Ensuring optimized consolidation planning with accurate and timely documentation.


  • Price negotiations on behalf of our clients to achieve the best competitive prices.

  • Value engineering to a price point without compromising the product integrity.

  • Counter sourcing and reviewing alternative factory prices

  • Tracking landscape and market conditions such as:

    • Commodities and material prices.

    • Indian producer and exporter price index.

    • Currency exchange rates.

    • Labour costs and demographics.


Our role is proactive, attentive and supervisory. We apply our technical knowledge and attention to detail to assist factories in working towards the highest quality levels and attaining the protocols set.


  • Completing pre-production reviews and documentation of product parameters and specifications

  • Managing all product protocol testing with 3rd party laboratories

  • Carrying out QC inspections throughout the production process

  • Visiting factories weekly, with daily visits during midline and final inspection

  • Our teams are based in New Delhi, Jodhpur and Moradabad

  • Reporting is based an AQL parameters or as requested by the client


Ethical and environmentally responsible production is a goal that we persistently strive for and work closely with the factories to achieve. We believe passionately in sustainable economic growth and the welfare of all people who are directly and indirectly involved in the manufacture of our clients products.


We recommend that all factories are audited to SMETA (SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit) standards or equivalent and that the factories are signed up with SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange).


On behalf of the client, we may also instruct the services of an independent external consultancy for any Social Audits, statutory factory compliances, and any client specific compliance protocols.